What is Fabric Relative Hand Value (RHV)? It is an index - calculated using a group of fabric properties, relative to a standard fabric that can be provided by the instrument, or by the client.

Why RHV? It can be used to predict consumer’s overall response when handling a fabric. RHV is the quality manifestation of brand-name textiles products.

Companies are able to utilize the PhabrOmeter® technology to establish their own internal and external quality metrics.

  • For textile chemical makers, PhabrOmeter® system can quickly demonstrate the influence of the chemicals on fabric hand. You can then fine-tune your products and produce high quality chemicals for textile industry.

  • For textile dyeing experts, PhabrOmeter® system can tell you how your wet processes have affected the fabric hand so you can adjust the process conditions accordingly.

  • For textile apparel manufacturers, PhabrOmeter® system can help you select right fabrics to optimize the quality of your products.

  • For consumer & health industry, PhabrOmeter® system is an essential instrument for you to assess the sensory quality over such products as diapers, facial tissues, toilet papers, kitchen towels, surgical masks, etc.

AATCC Test Method TM202
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