Definition of Fabric Hand

  • “The quality of a fabric assessed by the reaction obtained from the sense of touch” (Textile Terms and Definitions)

  • “A person’s estimation when feeling fabrics between fingers and thumb” (JTI, 52, p255)

  • “The sum total of the sensations expressed when a textile fabric is handled by touching, flexing of the fingers, smoothing and so on” ( JTI, 62, p245)

  • “The summation of weighted contributions of stimuli evoked by fabric on major sensory centers” ( AATCC 1, p1)

  • “What man sensorily assesses from the mechanical properties of a fabric” ( JTMS, Japan, 17, p92)

  • People’s tactile sensory response towards fabric - Physical + Physiological + Psychological & Social

Main Article to be referenced:
Quantification and Evaluation of Human Tactile Sense Towards Fabrics
Background and History
  • 1926, Binns, first studied hand evaluation

  • 1930, Peirce, instrument measurements

  • 1970’s, Matsuo, Kawabata, Postle, KES system

  • 1990, Fast system

  • Three Japan-Australia Symposia (82,83,85)

  • Hong Kong Seminar (89)

Subjective Evaluation Issues Involved

  • touch only
  • touch + sight
  • finger, palm or tongue
  • expert judges ( quality evaluation)
  • consumer judges (preference)
  • background, market, product dependent

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