Nonwoven Fabric Hand Evaluation
Technological Properties of Nonwoven
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Another client provided 6 nonwoven samples for performance comparison with a combed 100% cotton batiste also given by the client, using PhabrOmeter®, and provided the following information, using the codes from the client.

  • Cashmere.1* - nonwoven
  • Bond.2 - nonwoven
  • Std.3 - nonwoven
  • Finished.4 - nonwoven
  • CSGB.5 - nonwoven
  • CSGS.6 - nonwoven
  • * selected as a reference in this nonwoven group

The first table below is the results of fabric hand attributes measured by PhabrOmeter®, where a larger value represents, respectively, a stiffer, or smoother, fabric; yet a smaller Softness value indicates a softer fabric:

Conclusions from the measurement by PhabrOmeter®:

  • Cashmere.1 is the softest nonwoven in the nonwoven group; we set it as the reference fabric to get overall relative hand value;
  • Bond.2 is the most resilient nonwoven and the Cashmere.1 is the least resilient nonwoven;
  • Bond.2 is the smoothest nonwoven fabric; the reference fabric Cashmere.1 is not that much smoother than CSGB.5.

Relative Hand Value

The Relative Hand Value is an overall comparison of performance between all fabrics in relative terms. The key is to select a sample as the Reference; it can be one of the fabrics to be tested or any pre-designated fabric. It shows the difference of each fabric relative to the Reference Cashmere.1 fabric which has a RHV value 0. The Rank in column 1 is the fabric ranking based on such differences. The larger the value, the larger the differences from the reference fabric.

*Cashmere.1 fabric is the selected reference fabric for this calculation

From the above table, we can see the overall performance of the other 5 nonwovens are very different from Cashmere.1 fabric except CSGB.5.

Conclusion: In overall performance, Cashmere.1 is the most favorite nonwoven and the Bond.2 is the most un-favorite nonwoven fabric relative to the selected reference fabric.

Evaluation of Wet Baby Wipes
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We have conducted testings on the wet baby wipes of three selected brands from the market ourselves:

- Cleansing Wipes with Lanolin from Target;

- Baby Wipes with Aloe & Vitamin E from Target;

- Flushable Baby Wipes from Playtex.

In this case we used a 100% silk chiffon fabric as the reference for comparison.

Using our silk as the reference with RHV = 0, with most desirable performance, then the RHV values, i.e., ranking in hand, for all other three products were calculated as in the table.

*100% silk chiffon fabric as the reference fabric.

A more detailed comparison can be done using the fingerprint provided by PhabrOmeter® as below where all 8 fabric attributes were plotted for the 4 fabrics so the difference in RHV values can be further traced to each specific attributes.

Fields of Applications for PhabrOmeter®

Textile Industry

Evaluate the influence on fabric performance by such factor as

  • New processes;
  • New/modified raw materials;
  • Novel finishing and treatment;
  • Washing and ironing;
  • Moisture and temperature changes;
  • Environmental aging;
  • ...

Papers/nonwoven fabrics Industries

  • Sensory appealing of paper tissues and towels.
  • Comfort of diapers made of nonwoven fabrics and thin films.
  • Softness and moisture/temp influence of sanitary goods.
  • Evaluation of the garment applicability of nonwoven fabrics.
  • ...


  • Hair smoothness and softness after shampooing and conditioning.
  • Skin smoothness and softness of cosmetic products.
  • Evaluation of backing paper for ointment in compatibility with human skin.

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