KES-FB system, Japan
  • Previous work by Matsuo
  • Kawabata organized HESC committee (1968)
  • Completion of the system, Japan (1975)
  • Three components of the whole system

    - the instruments

    - the equations

    - the standard samples


  • High accuracy of the instruments
  • Tools for complete measurements of fabric properties
  • Stimulate new interests in fabric hand research


  • High cost and complex operation
  • Redundancy in measured properties
  • Co-linearity in regression analysis
  • Ambiguity in primary hand definitions

    – overlapping and unstable

    – inconsistent

  • Inherent subjectivity - Japanese preference
The FAST system, Australia
  • Designed by CSIRO, Australia
  • Similar to KES-FB but simpler
  • No equations, no standard samples
  • Data interpretation - the chart
  • No fabric hand connection.

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