Frequently Asked Questions
Principles of the PhabrOmeter Technology
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A: Although there exist a couple of instruments claimed to measure feeling of touch, PhabrOmeter® is the only one that can connect instrument test to sensory evaluation results.

  • A need from manufacturer and user for fast and easy objective measurement of fabric feel has always existed and remaining unfulfilled.
  • Understanding and being able to differentiate fabric feel attributes become increasingly important.
  • Pleasant sense of touch often dictates the success of many new products and treatments.

Also, PhabrOmeter® is much more convenient to use, to manage and analyze your data, at a price more reasonable than most instruments at this level.

Relative Hand Value of Textiles
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A: Relative hand value is an overall hand value. For each fabric tested, and in the case where users (or others) are able to provide a reference sample, an overall hand value - which can be defined as a distance between preferred sample and the testing sample is calculated as the ranking of the fabric hand relative to the user-specified one.

Operation of the instrument
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A: The standard testing sample is a circular fabric with area 100 cm2, i.e., 5.64 cm in diameter.

PhabrOmeter data & interpretation
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A: It can be determined based on your past experience and/or on the assessed result form a creditable sensory panel.

PhabrOmeter Applications
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A: Yes, you can. PhabrOmeter® system can quickly demonstrate the influence of the chemicals on fabric hand. You can then fine-tune your products and produce high quality chemicals for textile industry.

Testing Technical Related
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A: By default, its Y axis unit is Voltage,and its X axis is sampling points / time with no unit.

Available service and tech support
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A: Normally, there is no formal training necessary. We provide with the instrument detailed step-by-step instructions. Since the instrument is designed in such that by just reading the documents you can install the software, set the instrument up and running without problem. The testing procedure is also very straight forward: once mounting the sample following instructions, a couple of buttons click if all you need to do to get the curve and save it in the database. Additional buttons click will calculate the data and offer the test results in a very user-friendly format.

In case user still feels strongly about training, or has special requirement for added functionalities, we can do on the side training but client should bear the travel and accommodation costs.

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