PhabrOmeter® instrument has become a designated machine by AATCC standard for fabric hand evaluation and the TM202 has been published in the AATCC Technical Manual.

A Powerful Tool

PhabrOmeter® system has made available a powerful tool for new and high-end product development for manufacturers; for quality evaluation and pricing policy in trade, and more interestingly, it provides currently absent but critically desired tactile sensory information so as to facilitate online shopping. It can be used in a wide range of industries as the textile and clothing, chemicals, hygiene, cosmetics and health care.

It offers clients the ultimate solution for fabric hand assessment and acts as a powerful tool for quality assurance and improvement of your products including

  • textiles
  • nonwoven
  • various paper and tissues
  • leathers
  • Other sheet materials where tactile sensation is part of the product quality


  • Through such instrument measurement and establishment of quality standards to achieve an objective evaluation, industries are now better positioned to further improve their product quality;
  • The measured data provides solid base to set price for high-end products for enterprises to achieve added value and profits;
  • Eliminating disputes in trading on assessment of product quality;
  • The instrument is at a reasonable price, computer controlled, very easy to use and quick in operation;

PhabrOmeter® and its system software offers a revolutionizing solution for fabric sensory quality evaluation of excellence assurance for textile products and other sheet materials where tactile sensation is part of the product quality.

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